IV Therapy Options

Schedule multiple IV appointments at once to receive a bulk order discount:

Single IV: $220         |         Bundle and Save 10% on multiple IV's

Frequently Asked Questions

   How Long Is Treatment?

IV infusion treatment takes about 1 hour on average. The duration treatment depends the drip rate of the IV.

   How Much Does It Cost?

Single IV: $220

Bundle Multiple IV's: Save 10% on each

   How Quickly Does It Work? 

For most patients the effects are immediate. For some, the effects can take up to 24 hours. 

   Is This Treatment FDA Approved?

Yes IV Infusion Treatment is FDA approved. All of our IV cocktails are pre-mixed in a sterile environment.

   What Is the Appointment Process?

The first step is give us a call or submit a contact form here. During your initial call we will schedule an appointment date and time. We will also review our IV Therapy options with you to determine which option will be most effective for your needs. When you arrive at our offices to you will directed to our waiting to complete our treatment consent paperwork. After a short wait, you will be welcomed into our IV infusion treatment room. Prior to your appointment we recommend having a light snack with water to hydrate. 

   How Long Do Effects Last?

How long the effects last depends on each patients individual health circumstances. If you have recent lab work, our doctors are available to review your health history to give you a more individualized consultation. This consultation will include more personalized information about what to expect and additional complementary treatment options. 

   How Soon Can I Be Treated?

We recommended scheduling your appointment at least 1 week in advance. The customized IV Cocktails that we administer have a shelf-life and that is why we order our cocktails on a per appointment basis. This ensures that all patients receive high quality IV treatments that are pre-mixed in a sterile environment and readily available the day of your appointment.

   Why Choose IV Infusion Care?

At IV Infusion Care we source the highest quality ingredients to ensure that patients receive optimal health benefits. All of our IV Therapies are pre-mix in sterile environments and ordered on a per-appointment basis to ensure that the cocktail you receive has not reached its shelf life or become ineffective. In addition to high quality treatment options you will also have access to the expertise of our board certified doctors who have over 40 years of combined experience in medicine. When you schedule an appointment with us, you gain access to this experience and all of our health partners who can provide additional treatment options in your journey to optimal health and wellness.

Success Stories

See What Our Patients Saying

We believe that exceptional patient care starts with considering patients as a whole and not just the sum of their health conditions. Over the past 20 years we have helped many patients to optimize their health and vitality with integrative therapies that treat the whole body, not just illness. We hope their stories will inspire and empower you to start your own journey toward whole body wellness. 

Full 1

Dr. Jyothi Rao-Mahadevia is incredible! She literally saved my life in a terrible situation, and continues to walk with me through this health crisis. She is responsible for making my life enjoyable again. Dr. Rao is incredibly kind, always available, listens attentively, has a wealth of knowledge and has connected me to other incredible health care professionals.

Dana Shimoda

In the 3 years as a patient of Dr. Rao, it is my opinion that he is a phenomenal and extraordinary doctor. He keeps up to date with the latest treatment options, will sacrifice time no matter how many are in the waiting room to listen, and to explain. Dr. Rao has treated multiple patients with rare illnesses, and shows more empathy than any Dr. I’ve met.

Mom To2

Full 1

It was my first visit with the Dr and right away I felt comfortable. Very personable and I love that in a Dr, especially. I am told different things from different Dr's so I honestly can't wait to hear what you think. I just want to go a day without the sharp burning pain and I'd love to be told it can be corrected. Looking forward to my next appointment.


I have been seeing Dr. Jyothi Rao for years and have recommended her countless number of times. Each I have recommended, have been very grateful. Why someone gave a one star is is totally unjust. This doctor is very attentive, caring, brilliant and really works with you to optimize your health. My gut health is like it was when I was 20 and my energy levels are excelled at 62.


Full 1

This is the best Dr. I have ever had. Dr. Jyothi suprised me when she started my physical with reviewing the previous year's physical, and things i had long forgotten. She takes the time to listen. She is not quick to prescribe medications for every ache, she tries homeopathic treatments for minor aches, & referrals when she has concerns. I have received the best care any one can have from a Dr.

Cheryl Ertter

Awesome, friendly staff. Whole body wellness. Dr. Rao addresses not just the symptoms but what is causing the issues and how to bring your body back into balance. I spent 1 year taking medication after medication and going for test after test with no resolve.Within 6 months at Shakthi Health and Wellness I am finally well.

Cindy Morrison

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