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At IV Infusion Care you can expect professional care from experienced doctors and staff who will work with you to ensure you have comfortable experience from start to finish.

IV therapy benefits

Treatment Options and Benefits

A Guide To IV Therapy

IV therapy is a nutritional infusion approach to improve overall health and wellness. Your body will benefit from optimal nutritional intake, hydration, and toxin elimination. It can also help boost your immune system health, energy, healing, mental clarity and improve sports performance. The benefits you receive will depend on the IV Therapy Cocktail that you choose. We offer four different options, each targeting various health benefits. Keep scrolling to learn more about our IV options, how appointments work, our doctors, and other FAQ's.

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Single IV: $195

Two IV’s: $180 each

Three or more: $175 each

Schedule multiple IV appointments at once to receive a bulk order discount.

How Appointments Work

The IV Experience 

The first step is to give us a call or submit a contact form. From there you will be connected with a dedicated IV Infusion Care staff member who will discuss treatment options, appointment paperwork, your appointment date. During your appointment your IV will be administered by a board certified doctor. You can expect the appointment to last about 1 hour with the total IV infusion lasting about 20-30 minutes. When you arrive at our location our reception staff with greet you and review your paperwork while you wait for the appointment to being. 

Meet Our Team

Board Certified Doctors

Dr. Jyothi Rao and Dr. Sudhir Rao are board certified with over 40 years of combine experience in medicine. Since 2012 they have both started several successful healthcare practices with the shared vision of providing patients with healthcare options to treat all aspects of their health. As integrative medicine doctors they believe that patients deserve comprehensive treatment plans that treat the whole body and not just the symptoms of an illness. 

Success Stories

What Patients Are Saying

We have helped many patients to optimize their health and vitality through IV Infusion Therapies. We hope their stories will inspire and empower you to start your own journey toward whole body wellness. 


2702 Back Acre Circle, Suite 290B Mt. Airy, MD 21771


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Our Home Office

Mount Airy Maryland

Affectionately referred to as our 'Home Office'. Patients can comfortably enjoy the spacious lobby, with music and large flat screen TV’s.

Easily accessible from Route 27 or off the highway from 70, patients from different areas can reach our office comfortably. As the original location for our practice, Mount Airy is centrally located to Frederick County, Montgomery County, Carroll County, and Howard County.

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